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Ferris IS3200Z

  • NEW! Oil Guard System on Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK EFI engine options. (See Below for More Information) Save 60% on oil maintenance per season per unit!**
  • NEW! Comfortable thicker 1” tubular steering control levers.
  • Updated iCD™ Cutting System delivers smoother cutting performance with free-floating deck employing solid steel rods & enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • Choose between 61" and 72" wide decks.
  • Patented adjustable front and rear suspension results in the best & refined zero turn ride and more consistent cut at higher speed. Responding to the most unforgiving terrain with control and steering accuracy, it lessens stress on both man and machine.
  • Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.



  • The tried and true Oil Guard System on Vanguard™ 810 EFI engine options (See Below for More Informtaion) can save you 60% on oil maintenance per season per unit.*
  • Comfortable padded 1″ tubular steering control levers.
  • iCD™ Cutting System delivers maximum and accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • The IS 2100Z comes with your choice of 52" and 61" wide decks.
  • This commercial zero turn mower is equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension that restores control of the operator with adjustable coil-over-shock system for a refined ride with consistent & faster cut with less stress.


Oil Guard System

Ferris Commercial Mowers with the new Vanguard Oil Guard System raise the bar on how productive a landscape contractor can be on any given day. A first-of-its-kind solution for the commercial turf market, Ferris mowers with the Oil Guard System offer major productivity gains by allowing landscape contractors to operate their mower for 500 hours between oil changes. Increasing the oil change interval by 5x means less time spent changing the oil and more time cutting. 



Extended oil change intervals means more time cutting



60% savings per season, per unit.


Faster, easier, mess free oil changes.



Cooler operating temperatures, better filtration.


Limited Edition IS3200Z Midnight

  • 37 HP Vanguard Engine
  • Electronic Fuel Injected with Oil Guard System
  • NEW Suspension Seat with Headrest
  • 2+2 Year Warranty (Unlimited Hours for the first two years, 500 Hour max for 3rd and 4th year)
  • All Suspension Components, Frame, and Coil over Shocks are covered for 5 Years! 


  • 12 - Position Adjustable Dampening for a better ride over small and large bumps
  • Upgraded Shocks and Springs
  • Front End Guard Has Recessed Jack Mount for Easy Access to Deck Components
  • LED Headlights for Easier Loading and Unloading from Dusk until Dawn


  • Improved Traction
  • New Tires have a rugged and deep tread design for better use in more areas than your traditional Zero-Turn


FW35 Walk Behind

  • NEW! Oil Guard System on Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK EFI engine options. Save 60% on oil maintenance per season per unit!**
  • CC™ Centralized Control handles for natural, ergonomic position with improved comfort and narrower stance for hand protection from scrapes & cuts.
  • Easy mowing with electric starter and a cruise control bar for desired speeds.
  • Heavy-duty construction with two layers of steel running the entire width for strength & lap welded corners for dent resistance.
  • Big 20" tires for climbing over curbs and rough terrains, reducing deck bounce for consistent cut.
  • Commercial-grade transmission & the same muscle driving our heavier, commercial zero turn mower line.
  • One-hand deck lift system and gauge for accurately adjusting cutting height from 1.5 to 5 inches.
  • Limited two-year, unlimited-hour warranty†.



  • Cutting-edge suspension system with rear-coil over shocks for heightened efficiency, speed and comfort.
  • Efficient enough to mow up to four acres per hour.^
  • 61" 10-gauge fabricated deck with greaseable aluminum spindles for long-lasting life.
  • Quick cut height adjustment for easy change from 1.5" to 5".
  • Electric switch deck lift for easy deck cleaning & maintenance and curb climbing & trailer loading.
  • Integrated fan mounted on top of the hydro pump for cooler and more efficient operation and debris repellant.
  • Comfortable ride with mid-back seat with enhanced bolstering and ergonomically designed armrests.
  • Easy speed & direction manipulation with foot-pedal controls 5.5-gallon fuel tank with wide filler neck and reserve for no-mess filling for hours of uninterrupted performance.
  • Optional: Two-stage 50" snow blower with electric chute rotation, mulch kit, flat-free caster tires and striping kit.


SRSZ3X Soft Ride Stand On

  • Available with Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ EFI with Oil Guard System or Kawasaki® FX850V EFI engine options
  • Available in a 61″ or 72″ mowing deck with a iCD™ Cutting System which comes equipped with strong 1/4 –inch Marbain® steel blades that generate greater lift and improve airflow.
  • The SRS™ Z3 covers more grass in less time with a 12 mph max ground speed.
  • The PTO conveniently disengages when the operator leaves the platform to move an obstacle or pick up debris. When the operator steps back onto the platform and re-engages the PTO switch, the blades start again for continued mowing.
  • Easy-locking 3-position ground speed control ensures smooth operation in tight spaces while our fan-cooled Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400® transaxle allows the unit to handle demanding conditions.
  • The operator platform, with adjustable suspension technology, integrated forward and reverse levers and ergonomic thigh pads, delivers a more comfortable ride.



  • The ISX™ 800 is powered by the Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series, Vanguard 810 or Kawasaki engines.
  • Models are available with 52” or 61” deck widths. 
  • Coil-Over-Shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for 5 years (60 months), for unlimited hours. We are committed to providing performance, productivity and durability. 
  • Mows up to 5 acres per hour, based on 80% efficiency.
  •  Up to 10 MPH ground speed, reverse 6 MPH. 


ForeFront™ Suspension System

The system utilizes four upper and lower control rods that ensure the front caster bearing remains vertical through the full range of travel. This controlled motion results in a smoother ride, more precise tracing of the terrain and an improved cut.



  • The iCD™ Cutting System with long-lasting Marbain®steel blades delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • Choose between a 52” or 61” mower deck.
  • NEW! Comfortable thicker 1” tubular steering control levers.
  • Equipped with front and rear suspension to deliver a refined ride and a more consistent cut at faster speeds.
  • Mid-back sear features enhanced bolstering in sear, with armrests for added comfort and offers adjustable fore and aft positioning.
  • Ergonomic control panel features cup holder and fuel gauge for operator convenience.



  • The floating, 10-guage steel fabricated mowing deck with foot activated height control allows you to cut consistently beautiful grass.
  • Comfortable padded 1″ tubular steering control levers.
  • Dual, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200® Transaxles feature 7” cooling fans that assist with repelling debris.
  • Patented suspension system consists of rear coil-over-chocks and pivoting front axle with coil-over-shocks.
  • Ergonomic control panel features cup holder and fuel gauge for operator convenience.



  • Available with either a Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series or Kawasaki® FR series engine.*
  • Equipped with a 10-gauge 48″ mowing deck the 400S is built to last.
  • Featuring superior comfort the 400S’ large coil-over independent progressive rate shocks offer day-long operator comfort.
  • Mow faster and mow confidently with the dual Hydro-gear® ZT-2800® transaxles that provide reliability and durability.
  • Compatible with a number of attachments like a bagging system or a tow/hitch kit.

Debris Blower


FB3000 Hurricane

The FB3000 Hurricane™ stand-on blower is designed to provide maximum air flow and power for effective debris management. With an airflow of 8500+ cfm and air velocity of 165 mph, fall leaf clean up and moving debris is made easy. Air flow is changeable from the operator station, with three directions - left, right and front. A unique blower design allows the FB3000 to pull air from both sides, increasing power and reducing noise. 


Joystick Deflector Control

The joystick allows the operator full control of the air flow direction – forward, left and right. Pulling back on the joystick closes all deflectors for transport. 

Quad Control Handle System 

This system provides automatic return to neutral, integrated operator presence, self-activating parking brake and travel direction control. 

Dual Deflector Air Flow System

The split left deflector system allows the operator to change the angle of the air flow to enhance the deep cleaning of debris. 

Unique Blower Housing Design

Pulls air from both sides of the blower housing, increasing power and reducing noise. 

Vanguard 35HP Commercial Engine

LED Light in the Operating Tower

Torsion-Mounted Front Axle Assembly

Go over curbs or uneven terrain with ease with the torsion-mounted front axle. Bumps are softened, smoothing out the ride.  

3-Way Air Discharge

Ergonomic Platform & Thigh Pad

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